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How To Create Strategic Romance In Your Marriage

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Strategic Romance is an interesting concept. It is also a bit confusing, so let me try to explain it. ” Strategic Romance” is a type of relationship that involves you playing a certain role, which is, in turn, very important to the other partner. In some ways, your partner will be more likely to fall in love with you if you play that role for them. You are basically “playing detective” for them by reading their mind and analyzing their own actions. This will allow you to better understand their motivations and eventually find a way to work with them on a more intimate level.

For example, imagine this: Bob has always felt slightly jealous feeling Ann. He has tried to talk to her about it, but she always brushes him off and tells him that he is being silly. After several years of feeling this way, Bob gets Ann a birthday present. He knows that she is jealous of him because she has enjoyed a close relationship with her sister, so he does not expect this gift to change things between them, but it certainly does.

What Bob did was use his strategy for bonding to get to know Ann. In return, Ann returned the favor by sending Bob lots of love letters. As they have become more alike in their thinking, as their relationship has grown closer, they have begun to share secrets and feelings about each other. They have found themselves opening up to each other, which is what is needed in a relationship to ensure its longevity.

Now, this isn’t the only type of relationship strategy guides. There are many more, all revolving around the idea of matching your partner’s behavior with your own. The idea here is that you understand how your partner behaves, and then you immerse yourself in that behavior. You learn what turns them on, and then you can use that knowledge to enhance your own relationship.

For instance, if your partner is always mentioning that they need space or time to themselves, you can do the same in your own life. Learn to meditate, practice yoga or learn a new hobby. This is true strategy for developing a deeper bond with your partner. If you’re always saying that you need to leave work at ten o’clock at night, you should go for it. Doing so allows your partner to feel heard and understood.

Strategic romantic involvement is not a bad thing. It just needs to be used properly. If you have never been involved in such a strategy before, it is wise to practice at first. There is plenty of time and energy in your marriage for everything else; learning how to better communicate with your partner will allow you to build a stronger, more fulfilling bond between the two of you. That’s true love working at its best.

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